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    1. Luli Group Co. Ltd was founded in 1985, after thirty years of hard work, pioneering spirit, has developed into a steel, wood and wood-based panels, import and export trade, papermaking and many other products (line) industry is a large-scale enterprise group, circular economy pilot enterprises in Shandong Province, the first batch of national forestry enterprises, forestry standardization demonstration enterprise. Many times have been invited to participate in the revision of national standards and industrial standards of wood-based panels. Shandong is the highest level of equipment, the largest forestry leading enterprises. Under the brand name "Lu Li", "Jinluli" has been recognized as a famous brand in Shandong Province, blockboard, concrete with hot rolled ribbed steel bar, wood flooring and other products for brand-name products in Shandong province. The company has won the "China private enterprises top 500", "Shandong 100 private enterprises" and other state-level and provincial honorary titles.
      The company passed the quality, environment dual system certification, American CARB certification, EU CE certification, FSC/COC certification, JAS certification of forest management system, and build a system of their own quality inspection and testing center, strict control of product quality. Company based on environmental protection, to protect consumer health interests as its own responsibility, the first to pass the China environmental labeling products certification, green environmental protection products have reached and superior to the national standards.
      The company is the province of a few have more than grade steel production license of the enterprise, according to the current situation in the industry, the company focused on "high quality, high strength steel bar" characteristics of the product, steel processing and distribution center project construction, implementation of products and services extended to downstream enterprises.
      In the future, Luli group will continue to Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, in accordance with the establishment of modern enterprise requirements, increasing investment and strengthening the scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the pace of industrial restructuring and upgrading, improve the ability of independent innovation, adhering to the "low carbon, environmental protection, green development concept, strong steel and paper industry. Big wood industry and the import and export trade, and strive to build a world-class enterprise group.